Valentines Makeup Picks

Hello everybody! Here we are, yes, tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Even if we (me and my boyfriend) are probably end doing nothing so special, I want to get on some makeup. Just for feeling a little bit more put together and 'glam' if you want, even if we are staying at home. So here are my pics for a natural glowy makeup!

Max Factor Cappucino Nudes Palette, I like this a lot for the variety of eye look you can create. This palette has everything: two brown transitions color, two cute metallic rose shades that we all love right now and a pretty withe/gold highlighting shade. The colors are quite pigmented, the only down side is that they are a tad bit dusty. But no problems, you just have to keep in mind to do your eyes before applying foundation!

Topshop Horizon Highlighter, my best 2016 purchase. The most beautiful shade of gold to give your checks a stunning flash of light. I'm curious to try other things from the topshop range, have you try and fell in love with some of their products??

L'Oreal Accord Parfait Blush, I've recently rediscovered this lovely blush. Is a pretty light rose shade with soft hint of gold in it. It's a light formula, perfect to achieve that natural and healthy glow from within. 

Maybelline Lipstick in Pink Fling, another of my hundreds nude/pink lipstick. I just love how they make me feel comfortable yet confident and feminine at the same time! Plus the formula is really hydrating.

What are you up to? What will be your makeup for Valentine's Day?