Thoughts On Declutter Your Wardrobe

Thoughts On Declutter Your Wardrobe |

Hello everyone! I started thinking a lot about Spring this week, I swear I can't wait anymore! With the season change I really want to make an effort and change/declutter my wardrobe situation: a mess!

Thoughts On Declutter Your Wardrobe |

This past month I literally stalked the MuchelleB you tube channel every single day. I discovered her not a long time ago, she's such an inspiring woman! She did this '30 days Simplify your Life' challenge that was about improving your prospective/mind and changing the way you feel about your space. She basically declutter section to section every aspect of her life, physically  and mentally. I was really intrigued by the 'declutter your wardrobe' video. 

This made me think a lot. I always buy clothes that at first I like, but at the end I keep shut in my dresser, such a waste! I really want to focus on what I feel good in and start to shop for clothes I ACTUALLY will be able to wear. For example, I'm a 'basic' type of girl, I tent to not put a lot of attention on me, so I prefer wear neutral/light colors over bright and crazy patterns. Clearing out my space, I found this neon/bright yellow shirt, with the tag on!! Where was my mind when I was buying this shirt!? I'm in desperate need to focus more on what works for me and not what looks good on others!  

What's your thoughts on decluttering some aspects of your life?