Style Inspirations | Stay True To Yourself

Style Inspirations | Stay True to Yourself

I'm a 'comfy and casual' kind of gal, I prefer soft pastel shades, monochrome and neutral tones. I found interesting how an outfit can make you feel good or bad in such a small amount of time!

I've learn the hard way that it's always better to dress for yourself and not for others. If this means that I'll never wear a bright fuchsia t shirt, that's ok. Probably someone else will look great in it and even more likely I will be there thinking 'how good looks this girl in it!'. The message is, be true to yourself and find what works the best for you.

Style Inspirations | Stay True to Yourself

Don't think about what others will imagine or if they will judge you, because everyone does! Simply as it is, who cares? Feel good and rock your outfit girl! Your confident will show up if you are aware of yourself and your potential. If you feel good, you look good!

I'm not 'a super cool girl', I think I write this even for myself. I look at those beautiful and talented bloggers out there, and I wish one day I'll be like them. Confident, proud of themselves, spreading positivity and inspirations around like confetti. I'll link some of my fave ones down here.

Katy Belle // What Olivia Did // Alice Catherine // Gal Meets Glam

What are your fave blogging gals out there? Who inspires you the most?