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Having a daily skin care routine, has really changed the way I feel about myself. There was a time where I didn't care so much, but I could also see how this affected my everyday life. I wasn't feeling confident and I think I just wasn't happy about myself, and we all know how much this can influence our life.

Searching online and spending a lot of time on you tube, makes me finally find the right steps for an effective skincare! One of my fave you tubers is KATIE LA VIE, she always get me motivated to keep up with my routine. When I'm feeling down, her blog is my first stop!

If I had a tough day, my face probably feel the same! So I like to start with a gentle buffing cream. The Caudalìe gentle scrub is perfect for my dry and sensitive skin. Next I apply the La Roche-Posay gel cream cleanser, to get that extra neat feeling. Then I'll apply the toner, and I like to do this step with my hands, gently patting them on my face, instead of using a cotton pad. I feel like I loose less product in this way!

While my skin is soaking up the toner, I apply the Nuxe lip balm. The best one I've ever used! Is so buttery yet not stiky on the lips. The scent is lovely and even if seems to be to much expensive for a lip balm, it usually last me for two to three months, which is insane! I definitely recommend this product if you have dry lips during Autumn and Winter. Last but not least I get my Origins eye cream and the La Roche-Posay light cream.

Down here I link a video from Katie La Vie. Please be sure to check her channel out and her blog too!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! My skincare routine is a little bit messed up, but I will continue to search the right product and I will keep you update along this journey!

Also if you have something to recommend me, I will be glad to read something! Products you use on an everyday bases or blog posts you've read that inspire you!