Mother's Day Gift Ideas


I've always been an extreme coffee lover, but this week I discovered a type of tea that I really love! So as usual I've ordered something like three pack of 'New English Teas' on Amazon! The best coffee might be the Italian one, but tea is definitely English business! So browsing around I've found this super cute one with Beatrix Potter drawings on and I thought that could be a lovely gift idea for mother's day! I've actually buy one for my sister, she's a tea lover!


As you know I'm a huge fan of scented candles, I love collecting them. I never own enough of them, ahaha! Anyway I love this particular one because is a soy candle with essential oils, in a relaxing lavender scent. Soy candles are way much better then regular one. The most candles in commerce out there are made with paraffin, this ingredient is a petroleum derivate, and obviously is not good!


This could work wonderfully as an easy last minute gift.  Every woman should have a little mirror in their own purse.  Pretty handy for the touch up throughout the day. Or, as I use it, to check the status of my eyeliner/lipstick situation! Plus there's a lovely bee on it! 


This is my favorite one, as to be because I'm obsessed with flowers! Ahahah. But I thought could be cute to gift something that can be done together, like planting this flower seeds in a sunny afternoon. Spend time with your mom I think is the best gift you can give to her!


My mom used to have a big old diary where she keep fill in recipes taken from piece of journal or simply hand written. I've always loved that diary, it's like a big scrapbook of recipe that she enjoyed to make. Filled of memories. So I thought that a cook book was a good gift. Especially for those mum that are pretty curious to grow their knowledge. 

What's your personal gift ideas for your mum?

x federica