Monthly Favourites | March

April is around a corner and I seriously cannot believe another month flown by. Lately my perception of time has gone in the blink of an eye. As always I wanted to share with you my faves of the month, what I've really enjoying wearing or taking around with me in my purse!

The first item has to be my newest MANGO shades. You may not know that I am really, really obsessed with sunglasses. When a teeny tiny ray of light comes out, I go straight on my drawer and get them out! I love how a simple item like this can make a whole difference to an entire everyday outfit.  This particular one, I just fell in love with them. The slightly mirrored lenses, brown tortoiseshell frames, I could not resist!

Next mention goes to my old favourite CAUDALIE HAND CREAM. Seems impossible, but I always have dry hands, even in Spring/Summer! How can this be possible?? This is my absolute favourite for scent and softness that gives. I seriously recommend this beauty if you have extremely dry hands has I do!

The SILVER CIRCLE HAIR CLIP is something I've learned to appreciate more, during this month. When I'm at work I always found my self gather my hair into a ponytail. The problem is that after 7 or 8 hour of work, my head and hair seriously start to hurt! So I've adopted this method: get my hair in a half up half down thing, using this fancy little minimalist clip. Finally I can avoid headache, looking fancy! Yay!

Obviously I cannot forget to mention the LASH SENSATIONAL MASCARA from Maybelline. I love everything about it: the waterproof long lasting formula, the brush size and shape, also the packaging is so pro camera! Ahaha, that's great! Isn't it?

During this month I rediscover the pleasure and joy of makeup. In winter time I reach the top of my laziness, I slowly stop being so much enthusiast of doing my makeup. I believe because the season makes me want to stay in bed all day long, ahah! But since the days are getting more longer because of the light, and the warmer weather is now finally coming, I just rediscovered my passion about makeup! 

So here I chose two of my best and most used brushes. The 227/Luxe Soft Definer brush and the 228/Luxe Crease brush, both from Zoeva Cosmetics. Let me tell you how those two brushes simplify my life! They are easy to control and make your blending duty really more easy, trust me! I just love them, and can we talk about the rose gold finish?

Last but not least I've been wearing non stop my silver pendant. I got two little photos in it, one of me and my mother and one of my grandma! I love that I can always have them with me. They makes me feel more safe in a certain way, this may seems strange! I just like have the possibility to look at them whenever I want!

So this are my monthly favourites, what have you been loving this month?

x federica

Federica Mattioli