Life Lately


Here I am again! Finally I took the time to properly write on my blog, my absolute favorite thing ever! This past week and half, has been really tough! Combining full time work, life problems + blogging in the middle, it's impossible without a precise schedule. I was not prepared, so I ended not posting anything in almost two weeks now. Something that makes me so angry with myself. Because  I found that blogging is my main way to destress and let my negative thoughts go away from my brain. I realized how much I missed it! Anyway, this week has come to an end! Now I can restart and get my self organized and prepared for the next one.

Something I didn't expected has been the hard time we have to find a flat for rent, here in my town. At first I was thinking it could be easy, but definitely it is not! Finding a place that balance all of the variables that we need, is time and patience consuming. Finger crossed we're about to visit a possible good flat, this afternoon. Can't wait to have our place! Will see if turns out it is perfect for us, I wish! Ahaha

This was a rambling post, but I assure you I'll get back to my routine soon!

what have you been through this week?

x federica