How To Get and Stay Productive


Autumn for me has always been like a fresh start, even tho is not practically new year yet. I want to drive all my positive thoughts and energy into things and activities that I love! So I put together a list of things that will help me pursue my goals this Autumn and maybe make me become a more organize and productive type person!


Working  in a clean and not to much de-cluttered space, is definitely my thing. I like to reorganize my desk every two weeks or so. I know it can be to much for someone, but I like to change prospective, in order to clear my mind and my visual space, if this make sense! Also helps to make you work with what you have around instead of splurge in something new to buy!

to do list

I definitely overthink to much and get dozens of ideas in just 24 hours.  I always want do so many things, even if, at the end of the day, I don't know where the time has gone because I end up with nothing! Basically I need a guide, that guide are to do lists. A life saver! You can always get back to them to check everything is going fine, you can physically see how many things you have done and achieve that day - and be proud of yourself! - plus your week life get so much easier!


Since I have a part time job, should be easier build a routine. I have a weekly work time schedule, so every Friday I take my planner and I try to sort out the week ahead: daily tasks, laundry and grocery shopping and meal planning, blog schedule, me and family time. Everything! I am still at the beginning, but I'm determined to make it works!


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What are your favourite ways to stay productive?