DESK TOUR | What's on my desk

Hello! After a lots of weeks thinking about it, I decided to start my own youtube channel! I don't know where it will lead me, but I'm so happy I did it! I've finally found the courage to get out of my comfort zone, it's so scaring but also exciting. I really want to stop holding myself back just because I'm scared of what people think, or the bad judgement they may have about what I'm doing. Even because they probably not even think about me!? I just want to be happy, each of us deserve it! So, way not start doing what we love, what we are truly passionate about?

After this rambling introduction, this video is a simple desk tour, I love my desk so much lately! I think it's so important to create a space where you can feel totally inspired and focus on what you're doing. That is makeup, writing a blog post, reading or working from home! I hope you enjoy the video, as I enjoyed filming it!

xo federica