5 Autumn Comforts | The Staples

GREEN PARKA I love this piece, mainly because it keeps me so warm! Plus is not too long and bulky. The furry white detailing on the hood is so pretty! Makes me feel like an ermine!

GLASSES I don't know why, but I love wearing glasses mostly during Autumn and Winter. They feel comfy and chilled on me, I think naturally connect them with this time of the year! 

CANDLES I love candles all year round, but in Autumn they just have that Je ne sais quois that makes them even more special. Probably the fact that from end of October gets dark at 5 in the afternoon!

PINE CONES GARLAND I've always wanted to do this DIY, and finally I made it! I've hanged the garland on the headboard of my bed. I have to say I'm in love, It screams Autumn!

CAMELLIAS IN BLOOM no matter what, every late Autumn this gorgeous plants start to bloom, and I love taking pictures of those gorgeous variety of flowers. There are so many and different species. Here where I live [Tuscany] we are kind of 'popular' for our plant nurseries, and there's one right behind my dad's house. I can't get enough of them!