5 Things To Do This Autumn

the time at which the sun crosses the plane of the equator away from the relevant hemisphere, making day and night of equal length

Hello everyone and happy first day of Autumn! Yay, finally has arrived! Are you ready to books, warm tea and chill air? I AM! So I thought I'd put together two moodboard, full of things I want to achieve this season!

1. Knit a chuncky wool blanket, I'm really into this bulky and voluminous textures! 

2. Take tones of photos! Going for a walk, exploring new places and taking snaps of nature as much as I can!

3. Wear more often braids, instead of just simply gather my hair into ponytale. My hair are starting to get long enough!

4. Wearing cosy socks drinking a warm cup of tea, in a lovely rainy day!

5. Start a bullet journal! I think this could really help focusing on what I love, and not overthink to much during the day!

All images are taken via PINTEREST

What are your goals for this Autumn season?