3 Current Favourites

Some of my fave in this past weeks has definitely been those two Catrice Highlighting pens. They are so much pigmented and definitely long lasting! I use them all over the eyelid as a base for the eyeshadow or just to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. Simple and easy to use, especially when I'm on a rush!

Since I've got this Daniel Wellington watch, I've never stop wearing it. I love everything about it: the deep brown strap, the gold detailing combined with the darkness of the black. Goes well with a lot of outfits, gives that little 'something, something' extra!

Eucalyptus has definitely been my main obsession lately, the smell is insanely gorgeous and I love that i can use it for props for a long amount of time. I tent to let it air dry and then display everything in a lovely vase on my desk. 

What about your favourites? What have you loved this month?