Are Pricey Skincare Product Worth It?

are pricey skincare product worth it? |
are pricey skincare product worth it? |

A few weeks ago I unwisely bought an eye cream in my local supermarket, a not 'properly branded' product. I'm trying to save money as much as possible, for a lot of reasons. Honestly the massive makeup I have accumulated during this years, made me think a lot.

Side note, do you ever stop for a minute thinking about how you will ever going to hit pan on five different highlighters, during your entire life? Because I do! I thrown away loads of products, just because they where sitting there, swatched and unused for ages! 

Back to the story, I bought this very cheap eye contour cream and I had an allergic reaction to some ingredients in it, at least that's what I guess. At first I thought a mosquito or something similar bite me, honestly it was so itchy and swollen -  or maybe I had a reaction to the new foundation I was wearing! I didn't know what to think, so I applied a pharmacy cream for redness. After a few days was starting to de-puff and the redness was almost gone.

I got confirmation that was one hundred percent the eye cream I was using, when I reapply it on at night before bed - well done Federica! - I started to scratching my eyes, without even realizing what I was doing and I instantly woken up at 4 am to wash my face and reapply the pharmacy cream, because the rush was back.

The bottom line is, do not put at risk the health of your skin for a few euros. Use dermatology tested products, that respect your skin. Think about that amount of money you will spend, as an investment in your wellbeing. Another trick I learned is to test a tiny bit of the cream on to your neck, the skin there is similar and if you have a bad reaction you have a little bit more 'control' of the situation!

For me right now the important is to find a balance between a good quality product and a reasonable price. I will never be able to afford high end skincare, but if you do your research well, you can find lots of product that are good and not too expensive too! My favorite brands are La Roche Posay, Vichy, Nuxe, Rilastil, Avéne, Dr Hauska. 

Have you ever had a similar episode?

What are your favorite brands to shop skincare?

Federica Mattioli