A January Collective Haul

Hello everybody! Today I wanted to share with you some bits and bobs I've collected over the past month. I've being desperately trying to save some money, not for a particular occasion, just as a general new good habit I want to adopt. Stop impulse buying. Honestly that's so tough guys! BUT the feeling you get when you see your bank account smiling to you again, is priceless!

This doesn't mean I didn't bought anything, of course ahah, but I've pushed my self to shop more wisely and think about what I was doing at least five times in my mind before getting the item I was staring at! If this process will end up working, I think I might get some blog post out of it, will see!

I popped into Sephora and honestly it is almost impossible not getting anything there! I bought this Sephora Liquid Moisturizing Skin Concentrate. It's a lotion and a serum in one product, it is really light and moisturizing at the same time. Get your skin hydrated, even and radiant. For a powerful effect I'll probably use it underneath my regular moisturizer.

Next we have the Nuxe 24h Soothing Fresh Mask, I heard that I could use it as an intense moisturizing overnight treatment other than regular rehydrating mask. Especially in this colder months, my skin it's a lot more sensitive and redness start picking through, so I'm curious to see if this little guy works.

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some random home stuff

I went to Ikea a few days ago, I came across this super pretty 'Anthropologie style' mugs, and in case you don't know, I'm obsessed with mugs! As soon as I saw them, I knew I couldn't resist! How pretty do they look? Perfect for breakfast and photo props too!

I can't find the link for them, they are probably a recent launch! I suggest you to look directly in store, they were 4€ each!

This Maisons Du Monde Round Mirror I can assure you was on my wishlist way before November! Can you tell? I was expecting for it to go on sale, but it didn't happen. So I decided to get it anyway. It's so hard to find a makeup mirror with a twist like this one, at this price point - 15€ - I love it so much! The problem with Maisons Du Monde is that they have collections, so what you see this year, you can't get it next. When it's gone, it's gone! 

I was searching for a pretty Cardboard Box to store all of my bullet journal 'most reached' pens and markers, as well as washi tape and other stuff. This was the perfect one, in terms of colors - I'm all about pastel, pink and mauve lately - and also because the lid flip up and stay put there, you can easily keep it open, I personally love this feature!



What's your proudest purchase of this past month? 

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