My Current Nighttime Skincare Routine

Lately I'm trying to stick to a skincare routine, something I've never done before. I was more prone to take off my makeup and slap on some moisturizer, that was it! I'm happy to say, I can actually see the difference that made on my skin. I feel way much clean, healthy and radiant. I've added some more steps to my nighttime routine that I really wanted to share with you, so here we go!

Take off your makeup, always

When I was younger I used to not be bothered about taking my makeup off. I got shiver thinking back to it now! I would never, ever, go to sleep with a full face of makeup, gosh, what I was thinking!? For this step I enjoy using micellar water, currently I'm finishing my Garnier bottle, but I've also recently finished the L'Oréal Micelar Water and I have to say is not to far from this one! I like them both because they don't irritate my eyes, even if I rub a little bit more. I use it all over my face, as well as my eyes.

face cleansers are the key

I never thought about it, but yes, now I'm converted. Cleansers have become the most exciting part of my skincare process. I saw a YT video a few weeks back where this girl used the cleansing milk she had, directly on her face, no water added. Massaging and working it into the skin until absorbed and then rinse everything off. I tried this method with the L'Oréal cleansing milk and I have to say it makes such a difference! I can feel my skin deeply cleansed, plus a milk formulation, is gentle on the skin, perfect for my dehydrated complexions. 

give your skin a fresh relief  

Toner, another thing I've never used before! A total treat for your skin, after a deeply cleanse session. Now I'm currently using the Mario Badescu Rosewater mist, and is so good. Gives such a nice freshness to the skin, I love that it is in a mist, because is quicker and easy to use. Perfect for my laziness! In fact, I have another toner in my stash, the Garnier Nourishing Botanical Toner, that I'm thinking about transferring it in an empty spray bottle to actually use it, instead of just watching it set in to my bathroom cabinet!

get out of your comfort zone

Serum. I'm turning 30 this October and I think it's finally time to preserve my skin from aging and dehydration. What's better than a serum for that? Especially if is a thermal water based serum, that intensely hydrates and fortifies sensitive skin. The Vichy Aqualia serum is what I'm currently using, I could never be more happy with it!

the final step

Moisturize your skin. During Summer I like to use gel based products, such as this Neutrogena Water Gel face cream. It actually pair well with the serum and leave the skin feeling fresh and hydrated. It sinks in very quickly, which is a plus for me! 

what I am missing..

Eye cream, I'm currently on the hunt for a good everyday lightweight one. But approaching to Autumn season I'll probably get a more rich one too. I get very dry under eyes during Autumn/Winter. 


What's your nighttime skincare routine?


What products make the difference in your nighttime skincare process?


Do you have a little skincare routine like mine or you go for the 10 steps in total Korean style?

I'd love to know your thoughts!