3 Things I've Been Loving Lately

READING has been one of my fave activity,  especially during holidays. Having all of that free time to appreciate just the little things! There's no better feeling than creating a movie into your mind while reading a book, this is what happen to me. I start by giving face to the characters, then just let the imagination run wild in my head! I'm currently finishing Eleanor & Park, I'm half way through and I'm enjoying this book a lot!

SELFCARE I've been recently enjoying take care of myself a little bit more. I put together a post about my Current Nighttime Skincare Routine that I'm really happy about. It feels so good pampering your face every single night, after a long day of work, and effectively seeing improvement that my skin is making. 

HOMEWARE I've always been a 'fanatic' of home decor. I just love shopping pretty stuff to place all over our apartment to make it feel more 'home'. Especially now that after the sales are coming up all of the new collections! My favourite places to shop are Maisons Du Monde, H&M Home and also Zara Home. This last one is a little bit pricy tho, but you can find some reasonible priced gems to make a dull space look nicer! 


 what are you enjoying lately??