Home Decor On A Budget | A Geometric Jewelry Box

I've being trying to save as much as possible in this last period. I'm pushing myself not to spend on things unnecessary, thinking a lot before get something I could regret the next day. Do I really need it in my life? Do I have something similar? Why is a necessity and where I'm going to place/wear this item? Seems a little bit odd, but for me has became an everyday practice. 

So, that being said I wanted to share with you this gorgeous geometric jewelry box that I found for only 7€ in Primark! I've been on the hunt for something like this for ages. I found something similar in Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, but they where so crazy expensive that I always had to step back. 

It feels so rewarding being able to not give up to impulse shopping and have the total self-control of your mind. 

Looking back, last year I was a completely different person. Achieve your goals, big or little that they may be, is the best feeling ever!



What's your relationship with money and impulse shopping?

Federica Mattioli