Pinterest Inspirations | July

Has you can tell this month I'm completely obsessed with plants, home decor and journaling. Lately I rediscovered the joy of spending some time by myself, reflecting, focusing and recharging my mind.

I'd say home for me means being safe, being completely at ease. I like to surround my environment with bits and pieces that send me positive vibes. Comfy and chill are my two key word. I know that sounds weird, but for instance, plants do this to me! I love being surrounded by plants and flowers. The first thing I do when I feel lost or a little bit down, I go for a walk and pic some wildflowers. I go to the garden center to buy a new one to add to my collection. This are tiny little things, however they have a huge impact on me, it's like a boost of a positive energy!


what have inspired you this week?