Life Lately

After a June full of blogging and work stuff, I've taken a few days off. 'Weeks' it's definitely more appropriate! Now I'm back full of energy and vibrant ideas. How has been your Summer so far? Here in Italy is boiling hot, and even if I sound weird writing it, I couldn't wait for Autumn more this year!

Don't get me wrong, I love sunny weather, but I definitely don't like being locked at home with all the window shut because is 35+ degrees outside. I firmly believe mid season are just perfection! You can have both of sunny, cloudy and rainy day, the right amount of both worlds, that's why I'm obsessed with Spring and Autumn! 

Life Lately |

I started a new series on Netflix that I was so intrigued by ages ago, is The Good Wife. I'm still on season one, but I'm really enjoying it so far!

I've binge watch You Tube lately, I'm discovering new inspiring people to follow and I'm thinking about making a whole dedicated post on the blog too!

Also, I've chopped my hair! I needed to get rid of all my damaged bleach blonde ends. I went for a basic lob, I don't remember to have loved my haircut more! Some of the blonde is still there, but I guess it's ok for Summer. I don't wanted to cut my hair to much, I still want the chance to make braids, because I LOVE braided hairstyles!

How has been your life lately?

There's something you're particularly happy about?