Summer Makeup For Lazy Days

Summer is here, it is sweaty and so hot that I can't deal with anything at the moment! But I'm still not confident enough to wear no makeup when I go outside. So I've put together an easy and quick makeup look for those lazy girls like me that want to look put together even if is 30 degrees and it feels like you're melting in the sun! 

I don't have a lot of blemishes at the moment, finger crossed this period will last, so if it's really, really hot that day, I skip the foundation to jump directly on to concealer. Cover some redness I might have and always covering up those dark circles. Then I just bronze up a tiny bit my face, to not look like a the palest girl in town!

Lately I'm enjoying this Essence cream eyeshadow stick. Super affordable and easy to apply, my fave at the moment is in this pale copper/pinky shade. Perfect to brighten up the eyes, paired with my latest repurchase: the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. I love this mascara, I always go back to it! If I'm feeling fancy, I will put on some lipstick too. If you follow my blog you know this one is my trusty go to lipstick, the Soap & Glory Love & O'Beige. The perfect combination between nude lips, hydration and shine!

What's your 'hot weather proof' everyday makeup look?