Simple Ways To Refresh Your Desk Space

I'm one of that type of person that change ideas every thirty minutes, especially when we are talking about interior and homeware. There's nothing I can do to stop my self, renewing a space, even not necessary buying something new, make me in such a good mood! More focused and inspired to actually get things done, for both blog and life. 


get inspired

Someone says inspiration is everywhere but you have to be looking. I couldn't agree more with this quote. Nothing comes to nothing and the more you prepare yourself and make your research the better the results will be. For every sort of inspiration my fave place to browse has definitely to be Pinterest. Try to type three word that describe your idea in mind and you end up with thousands of image to take inspiration from! Now you have to work with what you have in your hands and play things around until you find your own perfect set up!

play things around

As I was saying before, simply start playing things around. Move objects, replace them, step back and see what you've put together from other angles. This helps seeing what you are working with, how things looks nice and neat together and if not, you can always start again! Take your time and don't rush, I spend even an hour re-arranging my desk space. Everything has to be pleasant to your eyes. Sending positive vibes!

prop & ideas

I've recently made a list of props for your blog photography that in my opinion should work well even in this case. But I wanted to add something more, so here is a list of simple items you can use to style your pretty desk-to-be! 

7. Trays

8. Fake or real flowers

9. Frames or inspiring cards

10. Storage boxes

11. Candles

12. Coasters or little plates

 1. Books

2. Empty candle jars

3. Scissors

4. Notebooks

5. Parfumes

6. Mugs

Wha are your tips for a desk/vanity refresh?