My Current Fake Tanning Routine

Since I've learned the hard way how can the sun damage the skin, and how bad it is to sunbathing at 2pm, this year I started proper fake tanning! I want to be able to wear skirts and shorts even is June and I never being to the beach yet. AKA I look like a ghost in my pale skin! Here in Italy has been boiling hot since the start of May, like 27 degrees, and wearing long jeans all day makes me feel soo uncomfortable. So I jumped on the fake tanning wagon! Here is my simple routine, hope you find it helpful in some ways!

DAY 1.  Always shave 24 hours before applying the tan product of your choice. I noticed that when I apply fake tan, straight away shaving my legs, the morning after I have a huge amounts of dark dots covering up my skin! So what I like to do is normally shower, shave my legs, apply tons of moisturizer all over my body, and that's it for day 1 of our tanning routine! Pretty simple, right?

DAY 2. Scrub and exfoliate, this is such an important step if you want your tan look at it's best! Get rid of those dead skin cells and make your body fresh, clean and ready for your product application. I get in the shower, wash with my regular body gel, then take the body scrub and work it into the skin and rinse everything off. Once out of the shower I make sure to moisturize all of your critical points, where you are more likely to get dark streaks, such as elbows, wrists and ankles. 

Now it is finally time to apply the tan! If you want to use a foaming product, I think this 'routine' it might be ok too. Even if, I find that gradual tanning products works best for me. I can easily decide how much product I want to put on my body and I find it easier to control! I feel like I can't go wrong with a 'non instant' product!

My two favourite product at the moment are the Dove Derma Spa Tanning Body Lotion. I have the light to medium and the medium to dark. I explain why in a second. I like to apply first the medium to dark, just one layer on the whole body. This allow my pale skin to instantly look tan, right the day after! Then I use the light to medium one to refresh the tan every three or four days. This body lotion gives such a beautiful color to the skin, it's almost a golden flawless finish, it's so natural! 

I now feel comfortable wearing skirts and tee outside, not feeling like the palest girl among other people! I really recommend to try this products out, I'm so enthusiast about the results!

What's your favourite fake tan product? Do you have a routine too?