A Few Things I'm Currently Loving For Spring/Summer

Finally it's Friday and I can already feel the weekend vibes! This positive feeling inspire me to share with you some of the things that I've used the most lately! So let's just jump into it, shall we?

Maybelline Dream Cushion foundation, what to say about this product? It nearly put aside my beloved and trusty L'Oreal Cushion one! It has definitely much coverage, still maintaining a dewy and flawless finish. Plus has SPF 20, which makes it perfect for Spring/Summer! I'm thinking about make the two to test and put together a 'comparison post' with pros and cons. Stay tuned for that!

Pleated Skirt, I swear I'd never thought I could love so much wearing skirts! When it comes to my legs, I've always been insecure. But after get back in shape, I felt a tiny, tiny more confident about my self and decided to get out of my comfort zone. I'm really glad I did, because now I'm obsessed with midi pleated skirts! You can dress them down, in a more casual way, or up, for a girly night out. I obviously opted for a black one, to start off. Now that I'm hooked, I'm on the hunt for a blush pink one!

Dr Hauschka Revitalizing Day Cream, is such a lovely face moisturizer. Has a gentle softness to it and apply on the skin really smoothly, even if dries quite instantly. I find it good to wear right before applying my makeup, refreshing your skin and adding a touch of glow! 


What's on your love list at the moment?