5 Jewelry Picks For Summer, What I Reach For The Most

I don't wear a lot of jewelry on an everyday basis, but there are some pieces I always get back to. Gold is definitely my go to  finish, I believe mainly because I'm a warm tones kind of gal! We have one watch, two rings, a necklace and a earring cuff to talk about! 

This Daniel Wellington watch is such a must have for me. It is so sleek and minimal in an effortless way that I can't resist from wearing it. In one word, beautiful! I saw an offer on amazon for almost half price and I'm so glad I decided to pick it up!

I like to wear rings on my index finger, don't ask me why! The aquamarine ring is from my grandma, I love the stone itself and the overall structure of this ring. Really vintage looking! The other one is from H&M. I don't even know how much I've search for a decent hexagon gold ring. It's part of a set that also has a triangle, a square and a circle one. But this is my fave!

Last but not least two pieces from Accessorize. The mandala style necklace and the ear cuff. The necklace is pretty simple, but also versatile. Works wonders has a layering piece!

What are your go-to accessories this Summer?