How To Keep Your Makeup Collection Organized

How to keep your makeup collection organized |

I don't have a huge collection of makeup products, however I collected a lot along those years. I love makeup, it is something that really fills my soul. Right after my Spring declutter and drawers rotation, I have thrown away so many products, due to the expiring date or the fact that I had a sentimental attachment to them. I came to a point were I want to be aware of what actually is in my collection and get the most use out of them! So today I want to tackle the organizing part of it, seems obvs but knowing the exact position of your makeup products makes a whole difference when you're trying to minimize the waste!


An insight of my drawer

Acrylic Storage Drawers helped me a lot while I was re organizing my makeup collection. To make it easier I've created an everyday makeup station on my desk. In this three Muji drawers I keep everything that I'm currently using and testing. It's easier to see and quick to grab! I store my non everyday use makeup in the main desk drawer. Here I keep things that unfortunately can't fit in my muji drawers, backups of my ride or die makeup bits, palettes, samples and also makeup bags. Everything makeup related basically!!

Another thing I love to do is using jars for storing brushes. Candle jars, glass vases or even mugs. They add a nice touch to your space and keep everything in one place, ready for use!

What are your tips and tricks to keep your makeup organized?