5 Simple Yet Effective Blogging Hacks

5 Simple yet effective Blogging Hacks | www.theprettypeony.com

This month I challenge myself to upload a blog post every single day, I'm half way through it now and I have to say is tough but definitely not impossible! Here are some tips that helped me this past two weeks. Hope to keep going and reach my monthly goals!



photography is my favourite part of blogging. When I want to generate ideas for new blog post, I usually start by taking photograph of what I have in mind. So one thing that helped me a lot, has been take my photos in bulk. Or at least the majority of them! Comes really handy also when you have a concept in mind, but not time to take the picture. You will always have some backups to go through and find the perfect match for your upcoming post!


I'm trying to be as much tech as possible with my 'blog life' but sometimes pen and paper are your best friends. Actually write thoughts down makes me focus more on the idea I have in mind. It's also helpful, when you are taking photos in bulk, having a list right next to you to tick off as you go.


something I'm trying to remember every single day, be your own inspiration. If you like your posts to be less about word and more about photography, go for it. You prefer vice versa? That's totally fine! When your posts and blog truly reflects yourself and your unique taste and personality, you gotta be proud and happy about what you're doing! That's it.


where I'd be without my planner and monthly calendar? Probably procrastinating on the sofa with my furry cat and some Netflix series on! I'm an extremely lazy person, so try to not fall back into bad habits is really tough work tho. Plan in advance all my post and ideas helps to stay on top of it! I use my Planner Pro app on my computer, as well as on my phone and Kikki-k planner. No matter how you do it, just do it  because I can assure you that this little step has made a whole lot of difference in my blogging routine!

What's your favourite way to stay organized and on top of your blog life?