Testing two new primers

Especially transitioning into warmer weather, primer becomes one of my must have product. Today I want to share with you my thoughts on those two in particular: the Wet n Wild Photofocus for the eyelids, an old favourite of mine, and the new Garnier Smoothing Perfecting Primer, new addition to my stash.

Let's talk about the Wet n Wild one. First I want to say that I've never been used to wear eyeshadow primer everyday, but this year I decided to be less lazy and more active. With this being said, guys I'm so impressed with this product! I was struggling with my eyeliner. Applying it on the lids at 7 am and come back home at 2 with the worst faded eyeliner ever! At first I was blaming the eyeliner it self, but when I pair it with this primer the game has completely changed! It last AGES on the eyes, like literally 18 hours, without smudging everywhere on your face! It's only £5.99 and a little bit goes a long way, you have to try it!

The Garnier Smoothing perfecting primer is something I'm still testing out, has been in my makeup drawers for a solid week, so is still a fresh new entry. I'm not sure if it works for my skin type, which is extremely dry. The consistency is thicker than I was expecting, although actually blurs my pores. Doesn't have a scent to it, which is something I like! However, right now it's an hit and miss product for me. I guess I have to understand how to properly use it. Will see, I'll keep you posted!