15 Everyday Items To Use As Photo Props For Your Blog

Arrange a set up for a blog post photo is one of my favourite part of the blogging process. I've always been loving photography, put all of your emotion in one shot, yourself sums up in a photo, what a great feeling! Today I want to talk about some of my most used props and what I look out for, especially some cheap and everyday alternatives. I want to point out that I'm not an expert and my blog photography is not the best, I just want to share with you what I've learned through two years of blogging in a really humble way. 

First thing you are going to need is inspiration. We are all surrounded by other bloggers, and it's definitely not easy to stand out among all of them. One thing it's to get inspiration and one is to copy straight away others works. Remember to give always your own twist to the composition you are making, your personal touch. Now on to the list!

FLOWERS, PLANTS & PETALS. It depends by the season you're in, but I really like to add plants or flowers into the frame of the picture. Peonies are the most loved ones, but I always go for some cheaper yet effective alternatives like chrysanthemums or roses. I suggest even to go exploring your surroundings and manage to get some wild flowers! They could definitely be SO unique!

BOBBY PINS, MAKEUP BRUSHES & EYELASH CURLER. this is a must in the 'props photography world' especially if you're snapping a beauty arrangement. I got my rose gold bobby pins from H&M for about 3€ and I'm waiting for Primark to opening here in Firenze to got my rose gold eyelash curler. Can you tell how crazy I am?? I'm not ashamed admitting it, this are the things the blogging world made me do! 


MUGS, COASTERS & CANDLES. these are some objects that you probably already have in your house. I have an obsession with mugs and candles, I can't stop stocking up on them! H&M Home and Maisons Du Monde are my fave places to shop. You can find so many home decorations for a decent affordable price! If you want to splurge a tiny bit more you could browse through Anthropologie or Zara Home section. 

WEEKLY PLANNERS, PENS & NOTEBOOKS. everything stationary related it's perfect for layering in flatlays or to brighten a backdrop. Rifle Paper co has some of the most 'famous' and pretty pieces. A really good place to shop stationary is Fox and Star. Here you can find lots of brand just on one website!

BAGS, CLOTHES & SCARVES. this last one are an essentials in the colder months. They add texture to the backdrop and colour too. I like to use also tees or lace tops to create this more interesting vibe to the photo. You don't have to necessary get everything in frame, you can always cut out the extras and no one will know that you've used your old grandma lace pj pants for a lifestyle post photograph!

What are your favourite props to use? Your favourite place to shop?