What's On My Wishlist

What's on my wishlist | www.theprettypeony.com

I have to say this time I've done a good job, I'm really tempted by this wishlist set up. There's everything I want in here, let's see what I can get!

First stop is this lovely purse I found on Mango website, my Forever 21 black shoulder bag is definitely passing away after 6 years of glory! This could be a pretty replacement, I love how sleek and minimal it is, I could easily pair this with a lot of outfits!

Make up wise we have a lot to discuss this month, I'm so keen to try the Charlotte Tilbury makeup range, like the lip liner and lipstick in Pillow Talk, the Light Wonder foundation or the Bronze & Glow kit! I saw a lot of reviews and video about this last one, and I think I'm going to take the plunge and get one. I guess is totally worth it even if is a LOT expensive!

I know I have a lot of eyeshadow palette, so I really don't need another one, but I saw this ELF one and I completely fell in love. Is such a me palette with all of this warm and bronzed shades, only for 10 bucks! Talking about high street makeup I desperately want to pick up the Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow palette, I'm a little bit obsessed with highlighters at the moment! You can also see some liquid illuminator I want to try too, the NYX and the Maybelline one. 

Last but definitely not least my DREAM camera, a Sony A7 mark ii. I sold my Nikon a few months ago, but I didn't get the chance to save enough money to be able to afford it yet. Maybe in the next month or two, who knows! The thing is that I love photography and I'm so sick of snapping with my iphone! I just have to resist a little longer, I can do this!

What's on your wishlist this month?