A Wood Dresser

I have this space between the door of our bedroom and the actual closet that I don't know how to improve. Really, it keeps me up at night! It's to 'small' for a desk, so I thought about a tiny, stylish and also cheap solution. Why not add a dresser?

With the season changing, I'm planning to have a huge closet clear out. I don't think I will ever embrace a minimalistic style, but I do want to keep things I use on a daily basis. Of course I'll keep some 'special occasion' clothes, who knows! But I don't want to end up not wearing 50% of my clothes either!

This clear out thing makes me so excited, I can't wait to tackle my huge pile of clothes! I'm soo weird, I know :) does anyone else get excited for clear outs in general? It's so much fun because you always find something you forgotten about, and feels like brand new! Oh gosh, that feeling!

Anyway I just put together a few images from PINTEREST to inspire and keep me motivated! #lazygirl