A Blush Spring Wishlist

A blush spring wishlist | www.theprettypeony.com

Has you can tell, rosy shades, golds and light blue are my favourite colors. They makes me relax as soon as I put them on! I feel comfortable in them and I don't think they draw too much attention. Which is a must for me! Actually pink is something I've been experimenting just lately. It's definitely a huge trend but this not necessary means I follow every single one of them. I'm sure you will never see gingham on me, just because it doesn't work for my personal style. But this pink thing that's going on right now, is such a versatile trend to follow! It pairs well with any basic colors, like white or beige. And you can easily add a tiny bit of pink in every item of clothes or accessories! That's amazing!

I seriously can't chose one favourite among all, I love everything! What's yours?

There's any trend your totally smitten with?