10 Things To Do When You Don't Feel Good

Hello everyone! This period has been and still is SO full of anxiety and stress that I wake up every single day feeling crap. But, at the same time, I try with all my strength not to focus on my negative thoughts and keep going.

I found that when I'm focused on something that doesn't involve my thoughts, I suddenly forget about all the stress an anxiety I was feeling. For this purpose I gather together some of my fave activities to do when I feel that wave of anxiety rise again inside me!

1. Eat an ice cream or make some tea

2. Sleep it out, a nap never killed anyone

3. Listen to inspirational talks, like podcast

4. Dance it out and sing out loud too!

5. Write down and identify your negative thoughts

6. Take a bath with lots of bubbles and candles

7. Take a big book, view some art and painting

8. Try to look at the BIG picture

9. Do something on your bucket list

10. Drive somewhere new, take some fresh air

What's your favourite thing to destress and leave all those anxiety feelings behind?

Federica Mattioli