June Goals

June Goals | www.theprettypeony.com

Hello everyone! I've never done a post like this before, but when I read the one from Her Little Loves I felt so much motivated! So I decided to write down my own goals for this month.



start thinking about a spending ban month. I want to plan what to spend and more important WHY. I love beauty, but at a point becomes enough. I mean do I really need another bronzer if I already have three? NO. I have a feeling is gonna be really tough, especially now that are tones and tones of new releases. Wish me luck!!


with the blog. Focusing more on my schedule and content planning. I really want to get more engagement and this leads to hard work. I'm trying to schedule days where I take photos and days for putting together content, but I don't have a functional organized routine. Everything is kind of messed up. If you have some post to read about blogging schedule and organization, let me know in the comment, I'd love to get inspired and motivated by your works!


as for the blog, I really want to be more active on IG too. Find new people to follow and discover some more interesting blog to read! I found it be the best way to directly connect to the blogs and bloggers I love the most! I'm not gonna lie, it so hard at the moment get high those engagement levels. What I found help me a lot increase my Instagram, is commenting more and follow more people that are similar to my blog niche. They will probably be more likely to follow you back and enjoy your blog too. I guess overall support for bloggers you love it's really kind and game changing at the same time!


especially on Twitter. I'm so shy when it comes to write a post or just a comment, I feel so much embarrassed. I feel weird saying it, but it's truly how I feel! I'm always scared to annoying the people and not be 'enough popular' to getting interested in what they're talking about.  I don't know if I have explained well my thoughts, but I hope someone can relate to this! I overthink a lot, can you tell?? Anyway it's something I really have to change if I want to step up my blog game.


What are your goals for the month of June?