5 Things To Start The Day Right

5 Things to start the day right | www.theprettypeony.com

1. SET YOUR ALARM in order to get ready in the most quiet and calm way possible. I'm an early bird and I wake up around 7.30 even if I don't have to go work. I love mornings, my rule is: take your time and enjoy it! 

2. HAVE BREAKFAST I've never used to stick to this 'rule' but I can assure you that makes a world of difference. You instantly feel focused and ready to tackle your day! Also I'm trying to eat more healthy and I feel that this can really engage and challenging your mind! 'Mmm.. What can I eat today?'

3. BREATHE If you're not going to work that morning, practice some Yoga or go for a walk! Fresh air and focus your mind on something different than your negative thoughts is so meaningful.

4. GET DRESSED what you're going to wear it will reflects how your mood is that day.  If you're going out or if you stay at home, it doesn't matter. Being in your pajamas pants all day will not lead to anything positive! 

5. FOCUS ON YOUR TO DO LIST I'm so guilty of forever scrolling through Instagram. So put your phone far away from you and concentrate on your to do's and tackle that list down. Instagram will always be there when you get back to your phone!

Are you a morning person too? What's your favourite things to do?