Iphone 7 Cover Ideas

marble // purple/blue flower // pink flowers // unicorn // cherry blossom // iridescent marble

Hello and happy Saturday! I recently got an Iphone 7 and I am so happy I did! I sold my nikon dslr and I'm currently saving money to buy my dream sony alpha a6000. So in the meantime that I'm without any sort of camera, which makes me soo unhappy :( I'm really appreciating the camera quality on the Iphone 7! Obvs there's no comparison between a dslr images and an Iphone one BUT even if they're not the sharpest images I've ever taken, with a little bit more of edit they can totally works for blogging too!

Anyway I went on the hunt for a new cover and here are the pieces I've found! I'm a tini tiny obsessed with flowers, due to Spring season coming? No, I'll be forever obsessed with flowers! My fave ones are the two in the middle, purple flower and cherry blossom! I also have a thing with the iridescent marble one.. but I don't know what to choose! What's your fave one??