20 Ideas To Reduce Stress And Practice Self Care

20 ideas to reduce stress and practice self care | www.theprettypeony.com

 1. Take a bath, with lots of bubbles!

 2. Go for a walk, even if you have to grocery shopping, get outside!

 3. Indulge in your favourite treat, for me is definitely chocolate!

 4. Put on an uplifting song and dance around the living room 

 5. Read a book or magazine you like, I love 91 Magazine at the moment!

 6. Curl up with a hot cup of tea or latte if you're like me!

 7. Get a massage, treat your skin with some body cream or nourishing oil

 8. Stretch, I love a gentle 10 minutes of yoga practice

 9. Cook something new, I'd love to make some brownies now that I'm thinking about it!

10. Catch up with a friend or with your sister, she always help each other when we have a bad day

11. Write some inspirational quotes on your journal/planner

12. Do something artistic, paint with watercolors or fill some great coloring book!

13. Clean your bathroom cabinet and reorganize your skincare

14. Find something to be thankful for

15. Exercise practicing some hand lettering for your bullet journal

16. Get on the sofa binge watching your favourite tv series, I'm obsessed with Once Upon A Time!

17. Buy yourself some flowers, a cacti or plants in general. Works wonders for me!

18. Write down a list of things you want to achieve this week, pretty little things are great for this purpose

19. Get outside and take your camera with you, It really relax me take photos of everything that inspires me in that moment

20. Remember that you're good enough to go through this 'bad' moment, and that after all, tomorrow is another day! You can handle this!

What's your favourite way to practice self care??