20 Things To Do When It's Cold Outside

Things to do when it's cold outside | www.theprettypeony.com

I'm a lazy type of person, especially when is super cold outside. Winter is not my fave season, it would be only if the snow never stop falling. I love when everything is covered in white outside, looks like a dream! When the cold season begins I kind of go in lethargy, just like a bear! So I prefer to stay at home surrounded comfort and warmth! 

If you're like me, here are some home activities/ideas to do on a winter cold day!

 1. Make some hot chocolate

 2. Baking cookies

 3. Clear out and reorganize your closet and dresser

 4. Refresh your desk area, I always like to change things up

 5. Write down some new blog post ideas

 6. Sofa, blanket and a good film on Netflix

 7. Online shopping

 8. Reorganize your makeup collections

 9. Catch up on your favourites bloggers

10. Fill in your bullet journal

11. Plan some instagram photos ideas

12. Have a relaxing bubble bath, my personal fave one!

13. Practice yoga

14. Meal plan for at least three days ahead

15. Get an hair mask on and do your nails

16. Read a book or magazine

17. Update your Pinterest boards, I could do this for hours and hours

18. Prepare a to do list full of tasks for the next day

19. Feed your plants

20. Listen to your favourite podcast 

What are your favourite activities when it's cold outside?