2017 New Year Goals

This year I'd love to be more conscious about my ideas and thoughts. I want to be fearless, not care for people judgments. This year I'd love to just be truly myself. I want to create good habits, that I can follow all year around. Being more healthy and doing more exercise. My main points are

WORKOUT or YOGA practice every single day. Being active is one of my main goal this year, it's going to be hard but I really want to succeed.

MORE STYLE POSTS on the blog. I've never felt confident sharing my personal style. I find difficult even 'pose' for an ootd photo. But I really want to get out of my comfort zone, I seriously have to stop compare to others!

READ MORE OFTEN, I really need to detox from social media. I have the bad habit of taking my phone in bed, forever scrolling instagram and twitter before falling asleep. This has to change!

CREATE A WARDROBE full of things that I actually wear, not just piling clothes that I don't even remember to have. I already see Sundays spent on outfit planning and bags full of clothes to donate!

MIRRORLESS CAMERA get myself a new 'out & about' camera easy to throw in my bag and take with me everywhere. I saved money for a while now, I'm a tiny bit closer but not there yet, I swear I can't wait to have that Sony camera right in my hands.

what do you want to achieve this year?