Let's Stay Home | Autumn Outfit

Hello Everyone! Since Autumn is finally coming, I thought I'd share with you my 'Let's stay home' kind of look. If there's something I love about this mid season, is for sure the crisp and chilly air. Especially early in the morning! Also, if you don't already know, I wanted to point that I'm a total homebody type of person! Sofa, cosy socks and warm tea is definitely my fave place on the earth! 

put your hair into plaits

Lately I've been really enjoying get my hair into plaits, I found that I wear my high ponytale way too much. The result is that my hair are breaking up at the roots, causing so many baby hair! Instead with plaits I can loose them up a little bit so that they're not to tight, plus I can keep my hair away from my face in a nice and pretty way! YAY!  

comfy and cosy

Joggers are my go to choice when I want to stay warm and fuzzy. Pairing everything with socks, a good cup of tea and a super duper fluffy blanket! If I stay on the terrace outside I'd probably take with me a soft pillow to lay down. I seriously can't wait to write blogposts sitting on my terrace, feeling the crispy hair, sipping my warm cup of tea!

netflix + glasses mode on

Another thing I'm trilled to do, is to catch up with Netflix series! I've just restarted watching, from the very first episode, Friends! OMG it's so funny! Always wearing my glasses, at least at home, to give my eyes a little bit of rest too. I wear contact lenses way to much during the week.

What's your fave 'let's stay home' look? How do you spend your time? 

x0 federica