My Everyday Makeup Essentials

If there's something I love is doing my makeup in the morning. It really makes me start the day in the right way, feeling refresh I'd say. Select what base, highlighter or blush I'm going to use, instantly makes me feel enthusiastic! As if I could paint what I want on a white canvas.

Lately I'm completely obsessed with metallic color with shades of gold and peachy/copper. There are three products that I'm literally smitten by. One is a recent purchase and I haven't had time to try it yet, even though I already know that I will freaking love it! But let's go with order.

First my trusty face primer, the L'Oréal Lumi Magique Primer. Applying it after the face cream in areas where my foundations usually tends to wear off during the day,  for me on the forehead, nose area and cheeks. It is not heavy at all,  you can barely feel it on your skin, has a velvety texture. It gives such a nice touch of brightness to your skin, that makes everything look fresh and radiant.

My shadow of trust, the one with you can never go wrong, it's my ELF BAKED EYESHADOW in this beautiful copper/gold color. It definitely notices on the eyes even if I don't apply eyeliner on. In addition to their price, I would definitely want to try all of them! They're soo good, I love them! I'm totally smitten by Burnt Plum, I think is a beautiful shade to combine with green eyes!

Finally we have the lip pencil by Max Factor in this mauve, very intense color that I'm loving atm. It is not too pink or too dark, perfect for every day. The texture is very creamy and if I apply a lip balm underneath, doesn't dry your lips at all. Sometimes I apply a nude lipstick on top, but often I wear it as it is. Then we have the Topshop - Horizon highlighter. I find it's amazing used right on top of blush, maybe on matte blush color that you want to make more interesting or even directly instead of blush for a more glowy effect.