5 Good Things

August has been, and still is, a crazy busy month. I'm completely overwhelmed by work and I can't even think about posting something on the blog. It's so frustrating! Anyway I'm trying to get my life back, because I'm not happy about myself right now. I hope I can fix as soon as possible this situation!

joy of MAKEUP

 I recently had a productive decluttering afternoon, I sorted out all of my oldy makeup bits, things that I've never used and reorganized my drawer in a more 'realistic' way. I'm just in this new phase where I want to try to use one product at a time, instead of waste three different bronzers and have to deal with five drawers full of makeup! 


 Yes, unfortunately this is still a dream. I'm desperately trying to save money to get my new camera a Sony A5100. I'm totally smitten about it. It's more easy to use and definitely more practical in the everyday life. Aka I can easily throw it in my bag and bring this gem always with me! Yay!

AUTUMN season

 I know that this seems crazy but I'm so ready for Autumn! I'm done with summer. I want comfy pants, fluffy socks, a hot cup of tea and a good book. If possible sitting on my terrace with some rain in the background, I hope I'm not asking too much! Can't wait for sweater weather!


 I live with my boyfriend from May now, and I'm totally into home decor like there's no tomorrow. My favourite places to shop are H&M home, IKEA and Maisons du Monde. I'm so sad there's no Primark and Home Sense here in Italy! Or maybe is better.. ahahah!


 I'm really into weekly vlogs lately, I've been loving Alice Snell and also Wonderful You - Meg's one. I don't know why, but I'm really enjoying them, maybe because they're kind of an escape from my everyday life. Sitting and forget about your life for 30 minutes!

What have been your five good things this month?