7 Things for the Perfect Summer Evening

I'm not that kind of person that go out every single night, I'm more a 'let's stay home' type of person! Every now and then I like to take some  comfy me time and just try to R E L A X ! I made a list of all the things that, for me, are crucial to spend an excellent pamper night in! Let me know if you love this things, as much as I do, and also if you could recommend me something new to try! 

1. GET YOUR COMFY PJ'S PANTS ON! There's nothing better than soft cotton shorts. Better if they're lace and cute, perfect for some Instagram snaps!

2. HAND CREAM. This is probably the most relaxing and soft scent ever, I love it! It's always good to moisture your hands before bed!

3. GET YOUR MAKEUP OFF! Oh feels sooo good! Plus it means it's time for skincare! Can you tell I love so much cleanse my face? Naaa!

4. TIME TO LIGHT A CANDLE! A candle is always a good idea. I own to many!!

5. BOOK READY! Get your latest read and go lie down in bed, enjoy your scented candle and the peaceful cloud you're on right now!

6. FRESH BED SHEETS. Get yourself a proper pamper night relaxing and wrapping up yourself into fresh bed sheets!

7. GO FOR AN HAIR MASK! I'm in love with coconut oil lately, leaves your hair so soft and glowy!

What your favourite things to do on a 'at home' summer night?

xo federica