4 Key items this Summer

Summer has definitely arrived here in Italy, we have to deal with 35 degrees outside. I'm so thankful for having air conditioning in my car. Often I get to work at 2 pm, it is hot as hell outside! We had a little 4 days holiday last week, we went to Umbria on the Trasimeno lake. Such a beautiful and peaceful place! If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know. I've gather together the 4 things I reach the most, that's what I end up with!


Highlight, highlight, highlight! OMG this Physician Formula is like my best purchase so far. I freaking love this product, it creates the best natural, dewy glow EVER! I'm going to use this till death, seriously! I usually dip in my 126 Luxe Finish Zoeva brush, picking up all the shades in there. When I dust everything on my cheecks, looks so dreamy! The perfect summer tan/glow combination!

The Hawaiian Tropic Face uv protection is something I've always seen, but never really end up buying it. Until I saw a post on TheLoveCatsInc (thank you Helen!) that give me the kick to go out and get it! I could not have done better, I love the idea that I can use this underneath my makeup. It doesn't feel greasy or sticky, instead I love the feeling of it. It feels even better than having regular moisturizer on. It sets quickly and the makeup glide on so well!

Rompers are something I quite often go for, both in winter and summer. I'm a lazy person, so if I'm in a hurry and my boyfriend as always is stressing me because I'm late - probably because I spent to much time doing my makeup - I 100% go for a dress or a romper! Have you too someone who stress you out like this, or it's just me?? :) This pretty light blue romper I got it from New Look last summer.  I love the fancy design and the detailing on the bottom of the shorts. Pompom looks so cute and boho!

The fourth and last thing it's a book. I've never leaved for an holiday, without a book in my backpack. I don't know why but when I'm not working I feel this need and desire to read something new. I should get in this habit a lot more, I don't read enough! This particular book is Cruel Crown by Victoria Aveyard, I'm almost half way through and so far I'm really loving it. Have you already read this book??

What are your staple/most reach items this summer??

xo federica