H&M Home | the Wishlist

I've been stalking KATE LA VIE youtube channel for a month now. I just love so much her style and taste about interiors! She makes so many useful videos for interior decorations ideas, styling tips and diy! Also if you enjoy weekly vlogs, please check her out. She's so funny and she has the most pretty and fluffy cat! So I decided to put together a little homeware wishlist. H&M has so many pretty pieces for spicing up your room/home corners! 

1. GOLD METAL BOX. This gold cut out design gives an ethnic vibe to the box that I really like, a lot! I could probably display this little gem on my bedside table, filling in my hand cream and lip balm. Looks so luxurious! 

2. ROSE/GOLD BOWL. Everyone knows I'm obsessed with mugs and bowls in general, so I couldn't include this lovely one in the bunch! How pretty is that? With those little gold drops on it!

3. FANCY PILLOW. I never thought I could love a turquoise pillow. But this is so cool with this leaf print, the polka dots underneath, is definitely my style! I probably display this on my desk chair, how pretty it would be!

4. METAL BASKET. I saw this bad boy in a Katie La Vie video, I believe it was an interior update or something like that. I will try to link it here. She used this to display some bits and bobs in the kitchen I believe. I think it could be great on your desk or in your bathroom, putting together all of your most used skincare products!

5. PINEAPPLE GLASS JAR. I love so much this 'old grandma style' type of thing! In fact I can't wait to go to the antique market here in my town this Sunday! YAY! This could match perfectly the last item of this wishlist, the gold tray! I already see it, on top of my gold tray, keeping safe in it my most loved rings!

6. THE GOLD TRAY. Here it is! Has I was saying before, this lovely piece of metal with the pineapple glass jar and some lovely perfumes on top, it's basically my main dream! Displayed on your vanity desk, could look soo pretty!

 What's your favourite place to shop interiors?

xo federica