Morning Skincare Routine | Lazy Day

Morning Skincare Routine | Lazy Day - | Origins/Caudalie

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great day so far! Today I wanted to share with you my lazy skincare routine. There are days when I woke up, knowing well what I'm going to do: blog post scheduling and photos, fill in my planner for the week and some other not to fancy things like do the laundry and cleaning around. 

In those days I tend to not wear makeup, just to let my skin breathe a little bit of 'fresh air'. This is definitely unusual for me. I feel naked without my foundation on, when I'm looking at me in the mirror I totally feel out of my comfort zone. Your face looks so different! Happens only to me?? But I know that taking a 'makeup day off' can really improve the health of your skin. So I'm trying to keep this practice as long as I can! 

Morning Skincare Routine | Lazy Day - | Origins/Caudalie


First thing is waking up, obviously! I'm definitely a morning person so, I usually get up around 7.30 when I'm off work. I love the feeling of having the entire day ahead, it's a fullfill sensation for me!

I've just switch my Caudalie intense moisture cream with this new release, the Caudalie moisture recovery cream. This is such a lovely product! The texture of this cream is insane, you can really feel it sink into your skin.

Some face cream tend to be really moisturizing when you apply them, but after a few hours this sensation disappear! With this product doesn't happen, I feel my skin soft and gentle all day long. Obviously if you have super oily skin, maybe this is not for you. But I think that every now and then, a deep nourishment is what your skin need. Even after a good scrub/cleansing product or a face mask. Pamper nights are my fave thing EVER!



Next I'm going to use an under eye cream, it's the Origins GinZing, this is  A M A Z I N G.  It refresh, depuff and brighten your under eyes area. When you look at the product you can almost see that it has a kind of sparkly texture in it, nothing to crazy! But when you apply it if you get closer to the mirror, you can definitely see them! 

Then I apply a generous amount of Caudalie Lip Conditioner, because no matter how much I've apply it the night before, after washing my face in the morning, my lips are feel so dry! Lastly my favourite Caudalie Hand Cream, that you may have seen also in my March Favourites post. The smell is so delicious, taste like mandarin! So refreshing.

I wanted to say that this is not a sponsored post, I'm just 'reviewing' a brand that I've used and appreciate in a long time. When I found a brand that I love, I like to try most of their product! I'm just a devoted beauty/skincare person! 


Morning Skincare Routine | Lazy Day - | Origins/Caudalie

What's your favourite brand/product that you use in your morning skincare routine? I'm on the hunt for a good but not to expensive face serum. There's so many out there that I don't know what to choose! Can you recommend something?? 

xo Federica

Federica Mattioli