Life Lately + May Goals

Hello everyone! A month has flown by, again and I finally manage to write something on my little happy place, this blog.  April has been the 'moving house' month, and I didn't expected it could be so hard. I discovered the struggle to fit in 24 hours a full time job, packing boxes in advance and trying to find some time for myself, like writing or simply having a pamper night or twitter chat. I felt so guilty and angry to not creating new content here. But I think sometimes life gets a little bit harder then usual, so it's part of the game not being always on top of everything! Anyway I'm SO glad I'm back here, finally!? So this are 5 goals that I want to achieve this month.

1. Get back to my blogging routine, posting three times a week: Wednesday // Friday // Sunday

2. Finish setting up my makeup drawer, clear up for Spring and start using more product I already own instead of buying new things.

3. Start again a Yoga routine, following my fave YT channel: Yoga with Adriene, I love this girl! #findwhatfeelsgood

4. Explore more. Now that we live 1 min walk to town center, I can get anywhere I want taking lots of pictures!

5. Print some shots and hang them in our living room, I always take lots of pics but never print them!

What are your goals this month?

x federica