Romwe Haul

Hello! Today I wanted to share with you what I've picked up on my last order on! I love this online store, has so many pretty things at such a low price compared to others more popular site. I've discovered this site a long time ago. It might be for an Evelina haul on you tube, if I well remember!

I'm on a budget lately, we are saving for our new house, so it has been like three or four months that I haven't spent a penny on basically anything! [face screaming emoji] For a shopaholic like I am, it's a good goal. But when I saw this sweater, I knew I would fall into temptation again. At least it was only € 20. I'm just trying to justify myself.. Anyway! Let's talk about the quality.

I don't expect to much when I buy things to this low range of prices, but I have to say I'm pretty impressed! Obviously this is not going to be a 100 euros sweater quality, but is definitely better then H&M standards, that lately has been really disappointing for me. Is a really thick material and on the inside is super soft/warm! This is definitely a pro for me, because comfiness is the first thing that I want in a sweater. 

Next is the beautiful embroidered design on the arms! And YES this it's a sewing pattern, I love it so much! And I know, since that is not printed, even if I wash it multiple times the pattern isn't going to fade away. Also the color are so bright, this red and black combination I think is stunning! It looks like a tattoo! I've got it in a S and the fit is true to size. As you can tell I'm pretty happy about this purchase!

Rose Embroidered Black Sweatshirt | link here

Next piece is a lovely long sleeved striped blue t-shirt, this is about 10 €. I love that has loose fit, because I like to tuck it into my vintage jeans [let's call it 'vintage' just because I've been worn them to death!] I think this is a great everyday look. I pair it with my favorite cross body bag, I think blue stripes looks great with a dark brown bag.

If you don't like the 'baggy' look I suggest you to go for a size down. I've got it in a M size, because I loved the comfy/everyday look that gives, but a S size will probably be more tight then this one! Underneath I was wearing a simple black t-shirt. I just love it!

Long Sleeve Striped Blue T-shirt | link here

Here you can also see my little cat Ugo, he's really nosy!

I've just finished my last book, the Zoella 'Girl Online' novel. I've loved it! [aka review soon] So I was on the hunt for something new to read. I found this Jack Kerouac book on my shelf, 'On The Road' so I thought I could give it a go! Do you have already read it? Let me know in the comment!

Hope you've enjoyed todays post, have a lovely day!

x federica