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I've started dreaming about my ideal home a few years ago, when I realized that me and Matteo were meant to be together. You can quite feel that moment, when your relationship it is ready to go to the next level. That's when I begin to wander about our place, here I've gathered some things to take inspiration from. 


Even if I consider myself a coffee person, I'm really enjoying tea lately. It's something that really makes me feel home. I like to taste it in cloudy afternoon, lighting some candles and reading some pretty book. 


Something I really want to get! Maybe placing it next the window, sitting on it with a warm and comforting cup of tea. I can already see my self! Snuggling all day writing, reading and cuddling my little cat!


As we are moving in our new home, I guess I can't just think about my self as I did before. Now I have to relate to someone else with habits and timetables different from mine. What's best than a monthly calendar to plan all our tasks and event? 


This is fairly self explanatory. I am in love with any kind of plant or flowers! So I thought as we are moving in, I'll probably have to save a little bit more. I can't splurge so much in things I don't seriously need. BUT I've made a promise to myself, I will never deny a colorful and bright bunch of flowers!


No one can doubt the power of lighting candle! They're so comforting and relaxing. Can't wait to take some good pamper nights, enjoying some good bath. I also wanted to make them on my own! I've got already soy wax, I just need some scents and I will be ready to make them! Should be so funny to create your unique candle!


I can't stop buying and wandering about mugs. It's just something I really love to collect! Choosing a mug matching your breakfast, it's a big thing! You are kind of setting your mood for the day! 

What's your favorite homeware piece you can't live without?  What's your favorite habits about it?

x federica