Winter Staple Accessories

OVERSIZED SCARF, we all know that during winter a fluffy and warm scarf can make a lot of difference! I always get a cold if I don't wear one! My fave one is actually 'vintage' my mum use to wear this when she was younger. I love the colors of the pattern and the fact that is made of 100% wool. Keeps me so warm! 

BOOTS there's nothing better then fuzzy socks and hiking boots. I bought mine when I was in Rome last year, they're from the brand Timberland. They feel super comfy and I probably going to wear them all winter long this year too!

CUTE WATCH I really love wearing watches, has to be because it's something I do since I was little. This in particular I pick from Asos, and I still think is one of my fave! I found another brand that make cool pieces, not to expensive. It's Reclaimed Vintage, you can find it on Asos!

SIMPLE BRACELETS simple here is the key word. I'm a dainty lover, everything that looks plain and delicate goes directly to my basket! I like them because instead of wearing a huge masterpiece, you can build them up as your personal taste and feelings!

DELICATE NECKLACES again I'm a lover of little piece of jewelry, as for clothes I like to layer necklace too. Or just keeping it simple as it is. It depends on where I'm going or what I planned to do!

What are your winter staples pieces and wardrobe essentials?