Creating An Inspiring Workspace

Every now and then I like to change things a little bit on my desk. This is where I spend my free time, planning, drinking latte and blogging! So I thought I'd share with you what I usually play around with. 

COASTERS, can be used to not only to keep your hot coffee mug in place, but also as candle holder or for displaying several things like hand cream, bobby pins, rings and dainty jewelry.

PLANNERS AND TO DO LISTS, I always feel more motivated when I write down my daily tasks on a pretty to do list, can be silly but for me is truly effective! 

NOTEBOOKS, I'm constantly creating and thinking about new blog ideas to share. So I like to surround myself with notebooks, where I can write down draft of my ideas. I'm a pen and paper kind of girl!

BITS AND PIECES, everything can be effective if is pleasant to the eye, especially if it show up your personal taste. This items can be ring holders, plants, printed quotes, frames or even books. 

If you decorate your space with things you love, you will probably be more motivated and inspired to focus and create! What are your favourites way to decorate you desk or work space?